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Studymed4u has a 92% success rate. We know you have options thats why we guarantee your place or all the cost will be paid by us.

Our Services

Direct Contact

You’ll be assigned a personal consultant to answer all your calls, e-mails and provide you with essential feedback. We will shape your application and work with your personally to ensure that you are viewed as exceptional by your selected universities.


"Boot camp" preparation

Preparation for entrance exams is vital. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the best educational guidance possible. Here at Studymed4u, we organise live classroom lectures, which comprise of 5-10 days of intense study preparation. Our expert teaching staff will ensure that knowledge gained from these lectures will not only serve you for the entrance examination, but will provide you with a rich foundation for your future.

Paperwork - translation, validation and replication

Do not worry about paperwork and administration! The lawyers working on our behalf will seek to translate and validate all documents needed to apply. We work with regional notaries and authorities, such as the Ministry of Education, to ensure the successful validation and replication of the documents that are sent to your universities.


Campus tour & City tour

We know that seeing your chosen city and campus life is important for you. Thus, our consultants will take you on a detailed tour of your future studying location. We also have partnered up with city tour agencies to provide you with a bus tour or a boat trip around the landmarks your future city has to offer.



We will assist you with the transportation to the the hotel of your stay during the entrance examination. We will make sure that your journey to the foreign country will be as effortless as possible.  


Trying to navigate in a foreign country can be quite difficult, especially when you’re not familiar with the language. We work with the best hotels and real estate companies to ensure a smooth transition to a life abroad. We will strive to arrange accommodation that meets your budget and expectations. With our help, you will find accommodation that you can call your home for the duration of your studies.

Utilities - set up of telephone or internet

Once you start your studies, you may look for an internet provider or a domestic phone contract. Even in this regard, you can count on us – we will go the extra mile and ensure you a stress-free translation of the possibilities and contracts.

Learning materials

Success comes with great preparation. We will provide you with all important study materials, including entrance exam books. But we go even further: you will be provided with lab coats, dissection kits and tools needed for the first year of medical school. All of this is included in our tuition fee, without any extra charges.

Specialised team consulting with universities

Our specialised team of consultants meets regularly with our partner universities, admission departments, deans and other university officials to ensure the right applicants are considered for the places offered. We build bridges between you and your dream universities.

Pre-recorded educational videos

Coming soon (be the first to have access to educational videos for the entrance exams in 2019/2020 cycle on selected schools).

Visa assistance

We know that managing paperwork can be a frustrating and long process, especially when it comes to visa. Therefore, we will guide you through your visa application process.

One application to all universities

Once you submit your application to us, our consultants will work diligently to ensure that your credentials meet the expectations of our partner universities. We will also help you select the right universities that suit your expectations and qualifications.

Briefing day

Once you commence your studies, we will be there to help you navigate in the city, help set up your healthcare plan, provide you with vital contacts you might need in case of an emergency. Our consultants are here for you 24/7.

Alumni program

Once you apply through Studymed4u, you have the opportunity to become a member of our alumni program. Through this platform, we link you with professionals from different countries and different fields to maximise your potential and expand your social network. Your professional growth will be strong and steady – you will be connected to medical professionals and inspiring businessmen, all thanks to our alumni program.


No hidden fees

We are fair and transparent. While some agencies claim that their charges are minimal, invoices often rack up to a whopping 20,000 €, once you apply. This is not our case. We disclose the full tuition fee for all universities and services, and there are no hidden or additional fees


Training for interviews

Some universities may require interviews prior to admission. For this very special occasion, we hire interviewers and interviewees with real-life experience in the field of admissions. Your assigned consultant will inform you whether your chosen university requires an interview. If so, you can schedule a face-to-face video chat with your interview consultant to ensure you are confident on your big day.

You will only be charged once you receive an offer from any of our partner universities

Our services and guidance is free of charge. That being said, some fees are levied by the universities (e.g. admission fees, entrance exam fees, books, validations). Studymed4u will cover all your fees until you receive an offer. Thats right if you do not receive an offer you will not pay.

*note that there are not hidden or additional fees 

All prices inc. VAT 20%


 +4990 € Once you receive an offer


+ Custom including visa application

Super personalized consultations
"Boot camp" preparation
Direct contact
Apply to more schools
Study materials: books, e-resources, lab coat
Utilities set-up
App for entrance exams *on selected schools

Basic Coverage

Premium Coverage

Administration: translations, validations, certifications
Visa Support
Alumni Program
200+ hours working with you
Interview training
Free consultations once enrolled
Orientation around campus
E-learner portal
Coming soon
Pre-Recorded Videos
Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will I be charged ?

    Our guidance and advice are free of charge.That being said there are some fees that the university will levy on the candidate. These include entrance exam test fee 200-300 euros , study materials 100-150 euros, lawyer fess for document validation/super legalization 1500 euros , court appointed translator to translate your documents 240-350 euros etc. If you do decide to use our service, you will only pay the tuition fee of studymed4u once you receive an offer. No place no pay.

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    You can choose to pay in full or in installments. This is individual, and we are open to both options.

  • What if I do not receive an offer?

    Your chances of success are maximised by our preparation course and services. However, in the case you do not receive an offer, you will not be charged anything more. You only pay once your receive an offer

  • How many universities can I select in premium?

    We encourage all of our applicants to select the more then 1 university to maximize your chance of a successful application. Up to 3 universities can be chosen. This wider selection of universities, along with our personal advice, truly maximises your admission chances to your dream university. Bear in mind that Studymed4u will make sure that you have all the essential requirements needed for a successful admission.

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