Why study in Europe? | Want to Study Medicine but cant get accepted.

Why study in Europe?

Why study Medicine in Europe ?

Have you ever wondered why people love studying in Europe? Hundreds of thousands students from all around the world come to Europe to experience the unique atmosphere that the student life here offers. European universities have it all – history, modern facilities, top professors and, naturally, excellent night life. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a few reasons why Europe may just be the study location of your dreams.

Studying Medicine in Europe: Guide

The destinations are versatile

European universities are possibly the greatest place to study at if you love history, sightseeing and getting to know a variety of cultures while strolling around lovely city centres. Everything is within reach, no matter what type of person you are. Take, for example, Slovakia and Czech republic – you can enjoy the vibrant city centres of Bratislava or Prague with cosy cafés and historical atmosphere. We know that medical students also need to relax, so you might appreciate natural landscapes tailor-made for hiking, which are just a few-minute ride from the centre. And for all the night owls out there, rest assured that the nightlife in European cities is second-to-none. Multiple storey clubs, such as Karlovy Lazne, await in Belgrade, Prague or Bratislava.

Feel like an explorer? All the better for you! Central European cities are just a heartbeat away from one another, which makes traveling very simple. You can visit the likes of Budapest, Vienna and Prague within a single week and, naturally, at an affordable price.

See the beautiful attractions in Slovakia

High quality education

European universities always rank amongst the best ones in the world, which demonstrates  their quality and applicability of the degrees. The renowned Charles University and Comenius University are, according to QS ratings, the best central Europe has to offer. You are guaranteed to be immersed in the lessons, especially due to the progressive approach of universities such as Riga Stradins or Charles University. Interactive, problem-based learning is emphasised. This means that you have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the knowledge you receive.

Professors in central Europe are particularly praised for their hands-on approach. They are frequently involved in clinical research, which makes them masters in their area of expertise.

Whether it be medicine, pharmacy or veterinary science, you can expect to receive top-notch education and a variety of up-to-date resources.

Career opportunities

What is amazing about Europe is that people, especially students, have tons of opportunities to choose from. If you want to have a side job during studying at the university, you can work in a café, apply for an internship, design websites or as a medicine student, you can work in an ambulance as an assistant. Employers are open to providing training for their employees, which is a wonderful start of a future career. It is really up to you, there are so many opportunities you can choose from.

Why study Medicine in Europe?

Costs of living and tuition fees

Compared with many American or Asian cities, living in Europe is a lot cheaper. Cost of Living in Easter euro starts at 70 euros for student accommodations. If you choose to rent out a flat expect to pay between 300-400 euros. Be it accommodation, food, different courses or services, European cities offer it in high quality and for reasonable prices. Also, tuition fees vary from 7,000€ to 13,500€, which is comparably lower than tuition fees at US universities. Also, most of European countries offer scholarships for medical students. Studying in Europe is thus budget-friendly and enjoyable!

International background

Studying in Europe is a once in a lifetime experience, as many cultures merge in Europe and you get to know variety of people from all around the world. One classmate may teach you how to use chopsticks, the other one can show you how home-made pasta is made. After graduating, you will have friends from different parts of the world and a unique multi-cultural experience.

Studying Medicine in Europe

Language of instruction

Medical schools in Europe offer most of their programs in English, which is wonderful, because you can study in English while being exposed to other languages. Your future prospects will therefore enlarge and you will be able to enjoy benefits of speaking multiple languages.

So do not be afraid and head out to Europe, new adventures are awaiting!

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