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StudyMed4U is a unique administrative platform , we are dedicated to providing you with the best service in our efforts to enroll you for university.

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    • Not sure which school to choose? No worries, each applicant is unique and has a different story to tell. Once you fill out your application, the choice of schools will be adjusted to fit your expectations and qualifications after consultation with our expert consultant.

      Fill out your application and schedule your consultation. It’s free of charge.

    • Each year, more and more students apply for specialized fields of studies. Fields like medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, and veterinary are oversubscribed. Here at studymed4u, we have a solution, and are dedicated to making you successful. With our expert guidance and preparation, you will receive an offer in no time.

    • There are plenty of fields to choose from at studymed4u. We offer expert guidance in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, and Veterinary. Regardless of your high school grades, experience, or other qualifications, we will explore options for you to be successful. Enroll in no time.

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    • Did you graduate from a USA high-school? Students who are applying to European universities do not need to take an additional test like the MCAT nor have any other qualification to apply. That’s right; enrolling straight out of high school is possible.

    • For the successful entrance to the European universities, you might need to take the entrance exam and undertake an interview. Our expert consultants will help you with these. We also offer a more extensive prep course alongside an app with the same test questions seen on your final day.

    • Some universities require personal statements and interviews. Get live interview skills and feedback from the admission department interviewees themselves. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to prepare yourself.

    • We will cover all related costs relating to the application and much more. Studymed4u will cover the cost of the application fees, entrance exam fees, legal fees (translation and validations of your documents with the appropriate national authorities and much more. Still not convinced? You will only be charged the full amount once you receive an offer.

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    Use our cutting edge app and test prep course to maximize your potential.

    • Our consultants will work closely with you on selecting the best fit of University based on your qualifications. Once you receive an offer, studymed4u will help with choosing the right accommodation and assist you with the contract and legal assistance.

    • We will help you with your visa requirements & and register you to the appropriate national authorities. EU citizens also need to register with the appropriate authorities after 90 days of staying aboard (no visa is required).

    • A comprehensive approach designed to maximize your potential. We will deal with the complexities of your application including translation, validations, legal requirements.

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Step #1 | Start simple

Getting started

Choose any university featured on our website. Not sure which one suits you the best? Don’t panic – our consultants will guide you through the selection process. Should you feel uncertain, you can reach us by e-mail, telephone or Skype. Studymed4u is dedicated to help you find the university of your preference.


Step #2 | Get expert guidance

Sit back and let us do the work

We will translate, authorize and submit your application and related documents. You will be kept up to date at all times. Our consultants might request additional documents to satisfy the requirements of your future university. Afterwards, feel free to sit back and relax.



Step #3 | Prepare
  • Preparation
  • Consultations
  • Resources
  • Boot camp
  • Universities may require one or more of the following: entrance exam, interview or Personal statement. Our consultants will prepare you to excel in all of these admission criteria.

  • Up to 100 hours of consultations are available to work on achieving your dream. Stay in contact with us via phone, e-mail or video-chat. We are in close contact with universities to ensure your smooth transition into the student life.

  • We will cover your administrative fees, books, translations and validations. You will be also provided the same questions from entrance exams seen on your test day.

  • Need more help on the entrance exam? You can take the 5-10 day course giving you an enormous advantage over the competition.

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A different approach to learning

  • Interactive App
  • Real life analytics
  • E-portal
  • Interactive App

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new interactive app with the exact test questions seen on your exam date. This means you only have to study the material needed to succeed. The exam questions in our app are split into Chemistry and Biology; they are further divided into several sub-sections making your preparation effective and convenient.

    • The exact questions from your entrance exam
    • Timer to simulate real life conditions
    • Organized according to topics and sections
    • Hints that refresh your memory
    • Mobile version (coming to iOS and Android)

    * applies to selected schools, but striving to reach full coverage

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  • Real life analytics

    See where you need to improve. Spend more time with questions you don’t know and zoom in on the ones you can’t quite nail. See what topics you spend more time on and track your progress in infographics.

    • Track your progress
    • Selected pool of questions that are problematic
    • Infographics
    • Real life analytics with deep analysis to help you improve
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  • E-portal

    Coming soon

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After you enrolled

Commencing studies in a foreign country can be quite frustrating: finding your appropriate accommodation, setting up your phone contract or navigating around the university campus. This is especially true in countries whose language you do not speak. Studymed4u works with the best real estate companies and our agents will provide you with a smooth transition to begin your life in a new country. We will provide you with legal assistance when signing a contract.

  • Study Visa assistance
  • Search for accommodation
  • Campus tours
  • City tour
  • Phone contract
  • Consulate of your country

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